I am not a travel blogger so I am not going to talk about a country for its beauty or where to stay or what to eat etc. My interest in writing about different countries comes from my passion to travel, yes! But to compare and draw so many inferences about each country’s lifestyle, a way of talking, way they style their clothes, way people eat their food or just the way they talk to each other in a community. I love to read and do my research about any city I visit and not just the top 10 things to do or top restaurants in the city but beyond things like these such as what are the traditions a tourist must obey while traveling, what are the basic manners in that country, how do people talk to each other in public, basic rules one must follow in the city.

For example, did u know that you are not allowed to step on to the grass in any lawn in the city of Cambridge, U.K.?  The only time one is allowed to walk on the grass is if: a) you are a Fellow, b) you are talking to a Fellow, and c) if you are a duck. This rule has dated back to centuries and is still very much followed by the student population which is the maximum in the city. Therefore, it is important to read up a few rules and traditions of a particular state because you don’t want to look out of place or upset them as soon as you step on to their land.

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This is just a glimpse of what’s about to come in this blog for you guys. One must be fully aware of what happens in the world around them and I just don’t mean politically by reading up news but actually experiencing different cultures and traditions.