My blogs are very humane in nature. I am not here to write about my personal stories or blabber about my personal achievements but I want to put light on certain areas in our everyday lives related to community, people, buildings, cities, architecture, and environment. My blogs are a reflection of our society and I am trying my best to keep it simple and straightforward for my readers.

It is my perspective towards certain issues and this blog site is not a self-marketing showcase. I am an Architect but this blog is not here to showcase designs or projects executed by me. I want people to concentrate on issues that are beyond architecture or buildings. We need compassion from people for designing any kind of a structure that takes up a huge percentage of our planet earth.

Let’s take a closer look towards people in our community.

  • How do these people define our environment and create a different culture, religion or a city?
  • Why are people of different religion different yet similar?
  • What defines a man or woman who works at the same position in an MNC company?
  • Why are relationships different in certain cultures yet values are the same?
  • How can one change their mood depending upon the environment?
  • How are work ethics different in different countries?
  • What defines good values in each society?
  • Why are some kids from a particular country smarter than the rest?
  • How is the education system different in various countries?





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