About ME


Hello, all you Beautiful People!!

My Name is Malvika and I am an Architect by education and practice but my alter ego is an enthusiastic Travel Writer. You may ask, whom one can expect on this blog “Archivistaa”, well, it’s going to be all of me and much more!

I refuse to follow one profession in this beautiful life of mine. What’s surprising to me is that how can anyone be content with their current state of mind. I need to know everything about the world and what interests me is their heritage, history, culture, traditions, lifestyle, languages, family values, food culture and much more. I like to read as much as I can, whatever I can get my hands on, or whatever book is recommended by various sources online. One needs to keep evolving and that’s what this blog basically focusses on.

Its called “Archivistaa”- A viewpoint on Architecture and society that is everywhere around us.

Also, I am a vegetarian by belief and not by religion (which people often get confused with). I love nature and respect the biological cycle that our planet has to offer us. I love to try different cuisines and remain in a constant battle with food and weight. My generation ideology of eating fast food has f@#*ked my health and I am not able to stay away from it either. I love yoga for my mental peace and try to practice it 3-4 times a week.

I am an easy going person who loves to make friends and hanging around positive people. Positivity and good vibes are of utmost importance to me and I either like you or I don’t ( there is no in between).

I would appreciate your love and support for my blog, so sit back and enjoy the journey (who knows we can meet on the way) 😀 😀