Country change – Outlook change!

Many Urban families in the cities or even smaller towns are sending their kids for education abroad, be it higher secondary schooling, graduation, post graduation or research-based courses. Countries like U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany etc. are very popular amongst Indians since they are slowly understanding the importance of exposure and interactive learning. Let us understand the reason WHY?

We live in a country where politics is more important than education and health (tough to say but it is a fact indeed). We are still struggling to find our footing for these sectors in this competitive world despite producing the best doctors and engineers in the world. How is it that we complain about this very system, that has produced the largest pool of brilliant doctors and engineers, who are now contributing to the progress of First world nations and not their own country. How did we lose this balance and created such a huge gap between the teaching or for that matter, working style, between the West and us? 

I have pursued my master’s degree in architecture from this beautiful city BATH in the U.K and I can tell from my experience that there was a vast difference in the teaching structure. It taught me self-learning and self-research which I could not develop during my undergraduate studies in my hometown Delhi. Learning abroad taught me to question topics related to my subject and not blindly follow what the professors tell you because, Hey, they can be wrong too, Right? It’s only human my friends. Learning abroad not only helped me open up my mind but also, introduced me to people from different countries & cultures, and their take on architecture. It made me realize that my thinking was so limited and that the world has so much to offer if you keep your eyes open.

I have seen many kids develop into a different person after living alone in a new country and managing everything on their own, be it studies or managing their living. I have seen the confidence level going up with each passing day and self-esteem they develop over a period of time. They realize the importance of self-learning, discipline, value for money, understanding the importance of keeping a balance between life and career, respecting every individual because you know each one is going through a different struggle of their own. You respect your teachers for their knowledge and become friends with them. You make friends with people from all walks of life with a language barrier, different ideology, different cultures and yet form a connection with them which you can relate with yourself. 

It’s beautiful to see young minds flourishing and thinking out of the box, once they get those wings and learn to fly.

Well, I genuinely feel many of our teachers in India follow an old school style of teaching from the books and just sticking by it. They are limited to their way of teaching and follow a certain instruction book that has been going on for years. Often, the teachers who want to bring about the change are not backed by higher authorities fearing the failure in the overall school curriculum and structure. What are we so scared of? I ask teachers out there who are responsible to build the future of our country.

Why do we need to send our kids abroad to study?

We all know that Indian students are the most hardworking kids around the world whether they are in school/ college or workplace. Don’t you think it is because we have constantly been grilled since childhood to be better than the other person not better than our own self? We are not a better version of ourselves but just better than the world because when it comes to following a curriculum, our teaching pattern teaches us that. 

This is really a never-ending topic which can open up so many discussions and debates. But, ask yourself one thing, when you meet a person of your age group from a different continent can you compete with a kind of exposure or confidence the other has lived with from the beginning? Be it, parents taking kids for treks or camps or beach or water sports or fishing from an early age that has taught them to survive in an open world without any luxury amenities. They are taught to be strong physically and mentally and not bombarding them with mathematical formulas all their life. If you ask me honestly, I would rather live like that than what we have been taught in our curriculum. 

I hope my article has opened up your mind towards certain areas in our life which we often learn to live with. There is so much out there in this world that one needs to explore. There are so many books to read, so much knowledge to consume in this universe, that we need to ponder over before our end comes.

Let’s work for a better future at an individual level as well as at the national level. Let’s be open to new ideas and new thinking. There is no right thinking or wrong thinking, but, just a different perspective on things. And Hey! That’s what I am here for. Right? 😀



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