JAPAN – Country like no other

What can I say about a country that has already been praised enough about its technology, bullet trains, food, and their stunning temples?

Well, my views come from my personal experience of visiting this spectacular country in the month of April this year (yes! the cherry blossom season). But unfortunately, I missed the cherry blossom time by just a week. Well, the timing for it usually differs from each year and it’s difficult to predict the dates it is going to remain. But, to be on a safe side, you should visit during last week of March or 1st week of April.

Ok… So moving on! I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it. I have traveled a lot of places in Europe, the US, Australia, Africa, Asia but nothing and I genuinely mean nothing comes close to this country. It’s so well ahead in its time not just technologically but also in its mannerisms and behavior.

My interaction with locals was limited to Hotels, Airports, Train stations, tourist destinations, some Japanese friends and business colleagues but one thing I can confidently say is that none of them tried to con me; in fact, whomsoever I asked for help went out of their way despite the language problem. They would not worry about their precious time and help me out with directions or reading the food items or understanding the currency etc. They would feel so sorry for not having a vegetarian option on the menu for me; that it was so cute to see that there are actually people in this world who care about their customers.

Another amazing quality that I observed was that the fitness and health are of utmost importance for them which the other countries are still trying to keep up with. Their average life expectancy is an excellent example for the rest of the world. They are so particular about food habits and physical activity despite being workaholics in nature.

The households are very simple and basic and they believe in minimalism not only in theory but also, practically. Not only is minimalism easily identifiable at their homes but also in their working pattern and cityscape. They have maintained a beautiful balance of their rich heritage as well as setting an example with their technology and architecture cityscape. I was not only awestruck with their well-planned city architecture and planning but the way everyone followed the law and order.

I would strongly recommend visiting this country for the sake of experience in this beautiful life of yours. You never know what it can do to your heart and soul. You would come out more down to earth, more humbled and respectful towards fellow beings around you. I just feel living in a city like Delhi, it reminded me what it is to live in a truly Developed Nation.

Interesting Fact:

Ever wondered about how Sushi (dish originated from Japan) became so popular with the rich and famous and has become one of the most expensive dishes on all 5-star hotel menus all over the world. Why would anyone want to pay so much for a few tidbits of raw fish? Well, sushi is nothing but boiled rice and raw fish which was the staple and the most basic ingredient one can find in a country like Japan. To tell you a little background, sushi was initially started off by wrapping fermented rice around raw fish to protect it from spoiling but soon after during Edo period it became a popular fast food dish as people shifted from fermented rice to vinegar rice. Also, one appreciates how artistically the fish has been cut and how expensive wasabi is so, therefore, it has become a popular dish.


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