Why is it that we only criticize the government or the municipality corporations for every goddamn problem that arises in our town?

I am so accustomed to this blame game for our government, that any problem that arises in my city, is usually their fault without even realizing that I am also part of this structure and I need to follow my duties first. Yes! the organization should be blamed for not doing their work responsibly but I need to first follow my own responsibilities of a good citizen and only then I can blame the other.

You see I live in Delhi, India. One of the most polluted and populated cities in the world. My daily routine is usually very different from people living in other cities or towns outside India. I usually keep my windows shut since the pollution and dust are so bad that I don’t want any more germs entering my house, thus, I block any scope of fresh air there is for my healthier living.

I wash my vegetables and fruits so many times to scope out any kind of pesticide or wax covering that so commonly happens to beautify these in the market.

I can barely walk down the road to my sports club because I have to cross a main arterial road with “Delhi traffic” on it with no underpass or footbridge. I can hardly go out for a walk in this humid weather with various insects coming out every monsoon season spreading deadly diseases that sorry! I would rather prefer to stay at home.

Well, it might sound funny to many people who live in Beautiful and clean countries but for me, this is a reality.

But, my country was not always like this. We have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, be it Himalayas or Kerala Backwaters or Goa beaches. One can’t take their eyes off these stunning places but the reality bites and I am left in Delhi with all the above problems I mentioned.

But how has this happened? Why is it that the capital of one of the fastest growing economy in developing nations face such difficulties when it comes to basics. Well, the problem is not one but many. The key reason being the people i.e “Us”. We are educated, well-traveled Indians and yet we forget our basics when we live in our country. Why blame others when we cannot be responsible for our faults.

How should we begin?



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