How Geography of a place affects the mood of a person they live in

IMG_9815We all are aware of the hustle bustle in any major metropolitan city in the world. But what we sometimes forget is the package that comes with it. Not only do the people suffer from living a stagnant and robotic life but also the health deficits that come with pollution, traffic, stress, various diseases due to trash deposits etc.
But how can anyone avoid living in the “Big” city due to job opportunities, career growth, latest amenities, best connectivity to the world etc.? Hence, we fall prey to it and start living like everybody else around us forgetting what’s good for each individual.
Have you ever wondered how can people living in Goa be much happier and content than people living in Mumbai or Delhi? We can simply put it by saying … “It’s all in the air”. Yes! You heard that right. People near the water body are often content with their existing lives without worrying about more money and career growth because they realize that it is all subjective to each human being. One can find more happiness thinking about better health and mental peace which they can never expect living in bigger cities with all the career growth politics and madness that each profession brings with it.

Studies have often reflected on the fact that looking at a water body or simply by living next to it can reduce the stress levels in a human being to a great extent. It has often been suggested by doctors and yoga gurus to have an aquarium in the house at least to reduce the stress levels caused by living in a big city.

I often look to get out of the city as soon as I am able to. Why is it that I don’t feel content and happy living in one place. Well, I live in Delhi along with the pollution and bad air quality, my routine life consists of only 22 hours as I happily sacrifice 2 hours of my life daily to Delhi traffic. My city is landlocked and if I need to breathe the fresh air I need to drive down at least 6-7 hours before I reach some hills. Well, I know I crib a lot about living in Delhi, but, I really can’t find a good reason to stay in this city besides my family.

Weather, geography, topography, and architecture really does affect the mood of the person living there.



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