Vistaa Introduction!

IMG_5740I welcome you all to my latest blog site about Architecture, people, and community in short “Story of our lives”

Whatever good things we build, end up building us.    – Jim Rohn

My blog here doesn’t really define architecture nor is it for people who are from the construction or architecture world. My aim is to put light on small issues that are usually neglected in our daily lives. We are moving so fast with the growing economy and technology that we are forgetting what life gives us and how we can make maximum use of it. It’s not dependent on the latest gadgets but on us a.k.a the people. We talk about new buildings, new fancy design by some famous architect but what is it that actually combines all of it together “people”. If we don’t exist in a cohesive environment, we cannot make any and for that matter any structure feasible.

Hence, my blog here is just to write down my broken thoughts and opinions about certain things related to community, society, environment and yes! Architecture. You see I am an architect by profession and I fail to see buildings and communities without its structure but what makes my thinking different is that I am extremely sensitive about people who work there, stay there, study there, etc.

So my blog here is easily relatable. One can contribute to the argument below every post and also, come to discuss with me in the chat link. This blog does not intend to hurt anybody’s feelings nor does it support plagiarism. My feelings are truly my feelings and that’s what this blog is for.

I love to travel and observe people and that’s what I bring with me, an insight into certain aspects of life.


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